BIG NEWS, Big expansion within our cattery

We have been looking for the right cats for months. But little by little we find the suitable cats for our cattery. We select our cats on appearance, character, health and good and rare lines.


Our Savannah males will become beautiful males with a black nose and rare bloodlines.

Whyldthingz Lord Loki

Alberta Ezra Of CatVision

Kurilian Bobtail

And our Kurilian Bobtail cats will also come from abroad

Bahira comes from Cattery Alphacat in Moscow (Russia) Cattery Alphacat breeds show cats and the full brother of our kitten (Alphacat Amur) is the best Kurilian Bobtail of 2019/2020 at TICA.

Uvertura comes from cattery Krasbob in Siberia (Russia) she is a beautiful blue female with a good pedigree.

We are also on the waiting list for a beautiful cat from Cattery Amisti, this is a very good cattery in England. We have been given the opportunity to purchase a kitten from this cattery, we are of course very happy with this, we will have to wait until 2021.