Savannah Fokkers Club misuses our domain name

Unfortunately we found out that Cattery Savannah Jungle and Cattery Nevasirags have misused our cattery name for their SAVANNAH BREEDERS CLUB .. they have now also changed their website name to RVSK ( /

They have linked to their Savannah Breeders Club … we don’t want anything to do with this unprofessional club! They have now removed the links to their breeders website ( and they have also removed their Cattery e-mail from: Administrative contact now there is domain

These above catteries have blackmailed us with, they have also tried this with the other cattery. we received a registered letter from the Savannah breeders club (owners Savannah Jungle and Nevasirags) on 20-6-2020.They want us to pay 2000 euros to them within 7 days, because we have this message on our website.

Until now we and the other cattery have not returned our domain names, and we are still bothered by these breeders to this day! is in their possession from 12-11-2019 is in their possession from 22-03-2020

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