Explanation Studbook Codes

These codes are in accordance with the TICA organisation, in which we are affiliated:

  • A = Serval x Savannah
  • B = Parents Savannah
  • C = parents and grandparents Savannah
  • SBT = pedigree tradition = parents, grandparents and great grandparents Savannahs

The following codes are applied to the first two positions:

Pedigree Codes:

  • SB-The cat has no generation that is unknown, unregistered, or from any other race or race group within a three-generation pedigree.

Origin Registration codes:

  • 01-The cat has at least an unknown or unregistered parent.
  • 02-The cat has at least 1 unknown or unregistered grandparent.
  • 03-The cat has at least 1 unknown or not-registered large-parent.

Hybrid Registration Codes:

  • AO-The cat is the product of two cats of different breeds (outside a variety group).
  • BO-The cat has at least 1 grandparent of another race (outside a variety group).
  • CO-The cat has at least 1 large parent of another race (outside a variety group).

The following codes apply to the third position:

  • T (Traditional)-only the breed in question, in a three-generation pedigree.
  • V (variant)-crosses outside the race but within the race group, within a three-generation pedigree.
  • P (allowed)-crosses outside the race/race group to a permitted variety, within a three-generation pedigree.
  • N (non-allowable) crosses outside the remote access group to a disallowed variety within a three-generation pedigree.
  • S (kinds)-outcrosses on other species than Felis catus/Felis domesticus. Such crossings in Stichting breeding programmes may be used but are by definition considered unauthorised.