TICA Breed standard of the Savannah cat

General description:

The overall impression of the Savannah is a long, slender, graceful cat with striking dark spots and other bold markings, on a background color of any shade of brown, silver, black or black smoke. The Savannah cat is a domesticated breed that closely resembles the ancestral African Serval source, but is smaller in stature. Affectionate and outgoing, with an exceptionally long neck, legs and long ears, as well as a medium length tail, the Savannah is both unusual and beautiful. The Savannah is also an exceptionally elegant, well-balanced cat with a striking color and pattern.

Head: Broad, moderately wedge-shaped with rounded contours.

Longer than the head is wide.
When viewed from the front, the face should form a triangle.
The head is somewhat smaller than in proportion to the body. Viewed from the side, the nose is long with a small chin, adding to the cat’s wild appearance.
Ears: Large and alert with a broad base and slightly rounded tips. The tips of the ears are moderately hairy on the inside. The underside of the ears should almost touch each other at the center front of the head.
Eyes The shape of the eyes is between oval and almond-shaped. The color should be warm yellow, green, gold or caramel brown.
Neck Thick and muscular as well as long.

Body: Torso Long and almost oriental, but more massive.

When viewed from the side, the side of the chest and flank form a long triangle. Seen from the front
the cat appears narrow due to the extreme length of the legs, the depth of the body and the length of the neck.
Muscles Prominent yet smooth. Legs and feet Strong and slender, yet sturdy. The feet are small, with long toes.
Bone structure Strong yet flexible.
Tail Firm, thick and three-quarters the length of an “ordinary” tail. When the cat is alert, the tail should be curled up and back over the body at times.


Coat: Short to medium long and dense, soft and luscious.

Structure: Short to medium in length feels slightly rough; a coat that has remarkable firmness and structure. Rougher guard hairs over a softer undercoat, while the dots have a noticeably softer texture. The coat is not overly thick and lies fairly smooth against the body. Glitter is not desirable.
Colors: Black, brown spotted tabby, silver spotted tabby and black-smoke. The only permitted colors are the gold to orange ground color with strong dark spots, the silver ground color with powerful dark spots, solid black and black-smoke. No preference is given to the base color of the black / brown spotted tabbies. Clear bold spots and markings on the tabbies are desirable. Preference for ghost markings on the black variation.

Coat: Colors

Color / Pattern ONLY black, brown spotted tabby, silver spotted tabby, black smoke. The only color variations allowed are the gold to orange ground color with “greasy” black spots, the silver ground color with “greasy” black spots or all black.
In every variation, both the lips are black and the striking black tear duct lines are on the inside of each eye.

In spotted Savannahs, the nose leather can be stone red as well as completely black or black with
a light red or pink line running down the middle.
In black Savannahs, the nose leather must be completely black. The soles of the feet must be black or brown / black in both color variations.
The black Savannah must be completely black. Black spots on a black background is ideal. Those spots should be consistent with the spotted Savannah standard.
COLORS: ONLY black, brown spotted tabby, silver spotted tabby and black smoke.


The ideal Savannah is a confident, alert, curious and friendly cat.
ERRORS: spots, spots that are not black any white spot on neck, chest, abdomen or other area not described in the standard
vertically aligned spots or striped tabby pattern stocky body small ears

Disqualification: extra toes surgically adjusted tail.


Torso (8)
Legs (8)
Feet (4)
Tail (4)
Bone structure (8)
Muscles (8)

Shape (3)
Ears (7) Eyes (4)
Chin (7) Muzzle (7)
Profile (5) Nose (5)
Neck (2)

Texture (8)
Patroon (8)
Kleur (4)